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Sermon series design is extremely important at capturing the attention of your members as well as the unchurched, do you have what it takes to design your best sermon series yet?

This course is meant to equip the church creative or pastor with helpful tools and tips on approaching any sermon series design. You will prep and brainstorm, build moodboards, develop techniques in Photoshop, and even learn a little animation! Get every detail of your sermon series ready and learn the steps to make sure every single one stands out in the future!


Sermon Series Design Bootcamp?

The Building Blocks

Take an in-depth look at every step in the sermon series design process from brainstorming to final product.

gearing up for your design

Learn how to prep artwork, get the best images before you get started and choose typography.

design development

Get your hands dirty with design techniques that will help you to really make your series stand out.

Fine Tuning

Learn about necessary steps for adjusting and developing your designs to ensure they are ready for launch.


Learn all about exporting your final projects and get started on a little animation to finish your project!

every detail

Cover every detail in the process: art boards, lower thirds, design techniques and even animation.

Meet Your Instructor

Alex Watson
Alex Watson

Lead Instructor

Founder and Co-Owner of Pixel Preacher

Alex Watson is a self-taught graphics and motion designer. A native to coastal Georgia, moved to the Atlanta area to attend Kennesaw State University, then transitioning to study guitar at the Atlanta Institute of Music. Through volunteering at his church with the creative team, he began learning film production, editing, design and animation. Through countless tutorials and making a lot of bad designs, he slowly began creating acceptable work! He was hired at 12Stone Church where he developed most of his design and animation ability from quick turnarounds and new creative challenges. He left 12Stone after nearly 8 years to pursue a freelance career and launch his company Pixel Preacher with good friend and fellow designer Pedro Oliveria. Pixel Preacher creates fully editable sermon series packages that contain graphics, video, social, and more. The goal of Pixel Preacher is to equip the church with stunning visuals without the expense of a full-time designer, and ultimately bring those who are lost one step closer to Christ. He is married with 2 small boys and currently lives in Northeast Atlanta.

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What’s included in the course?

Online Video Instruction

This course will have structured, on-demand video instruction taking you through each step of the Sermon Series Design process.


Exercise + Project Files

We equip you with the templates and files you need to create projects, finish exercises and get hands-on with your designs.


On-Demand Learning

Learn at your own pace based on your schedule. With on-demand learning, you get access right away so you can learn needed skills FAST!

Lifetime Access

We don’t limit your learning to just a few weeks. Get lifetime access to lessons so that you can revisit and refresh your knowledge down the road.

Sermon Series Design Bootcamp

Are you ready?

Unlock 5 sessions that will give you a deep dive into the sermon series design development process and create your own series design from start to finish with expert mentorship and tutorials.

You’ll get more than just a course from Sermon Series Design Bootcamp, we will equip you with templates, real-world projects and lifetime access to lessons!

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