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How do I make this look better?

Learn how! In just 5 weeks, learn basic design skills that will help you develop an eye for color, layout, typography and more. Take the guesswork out of great design and start developing your own style!

This course makes learning design skills fun and helps students to lay a strong foundation for making creative projects in the future. You can use any design software to take this course, so use whatever tools you have! And we will help you discover more.

What will you learn in

Intro To Design?


Learn important layout rules that will help you develop your sense of space in a design.

color theory

Develop your eye for color combinations that will enhance your design work.


Learn the difference between different fonts, how to create eye-catching combinations & more!

Using Imagery

Build your ideas with images that give your design a sense of meaning with a clear message.

(breaking) the Rules

Learn when it’s okay to break the rules and exercise your creative freedom for max impact!

being yourself

Learn how to develop original ideas and find your own sense of style as a designer.

Meet Your Instructor

Jason Watson
Jason Watson

Lead Instructor

With 12 years of design and animation experience, Jason has worked with churches, design agencies and media producers from all over the world. Jason has experience in design, illustration, photography, editing and advanced design techniques for applications like animation. He loves to share tips + tricks he’s learned from working both inside churches and for agencies to help others create top-notch media for their church.

To see more of Jason’s work, visit

What’s included in the course?

Online Video Instruction

Our class will have structured, weekly video instruction taking you through each step of the process of learning design.

On-Demand Learning

Learn at your own pace based on your schedule. With on-demand learning you get access to all of the awesome materials from our top-notch instructors with the ultimate amount of flexibility.


design resources + bonus materials

Get exclusive access to resources and tools created to help you conquer design with confidence, so you can test out your skills + stay creative.

Intro To Design

Our courses are designed to give our students all of the skills they need to conquer the fundamentals of design for their churches. Get more than just a course from Intro To Design, we equip you with top-notch instruction, creative design tools and lifetime access to lessons.

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