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After Effects Launch will teach you the essential skills to start creating motion design for your church with confidence.

This course makes learning After Effects as easy and FUN as possible. You’ll learn by doing real-world projects for your church and getting instruction from church media pros who have experience in the unique world of church animation.

What will you learn in After Effects Launch?


After Effects 101

User Interface, PreComping, Mattes, Parenting, Layer Management, Looping…and so much more!

Real Church Projects

Social Media, Motion Loops, Sermon Videos! Our homework projects focus on the needs of real-world churches.

Time-Saving Techniques

Find out our best shortcuts, time-savers and essential extras that will save you time on your church projects.

Animation Skills

How do I animate text? What’s a bezier curve? How do I get my motion to loop? We will answer all these questions and more!

Staying Organized

Learn how the pros set up an organized workspace that will help you keep your projects manageable.

Exporting Video

Find out about rendering and exporting so you get the right file type for your needs.
Jason Watson
Jason Watson

Lead Instructor

With 12 years of animation and film experience, Jason has worked with churches, design agencies and media producers from all over the world. Jason creates custom videos ranging from explainer videos, promo videos, motion backgrounds, character rigging and more. He loves to share tips + tricks he’s learned from working both inside churches and for agencies to help others create top-notch media for their church.

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What’s included in the course?


Online Video Instruction

Our class will have structured, weekly video instruction taking you through each step of the process of learning After Effects.


Exercise + Project Files

We equip you with the templates and files you need to create projects, finish exercises and get hands-on with After Effects.

On-Demand Learning

Learn at your own pace based on your schedule. With on-demand learning, you get access right away so you can learn needed skills FAST!

Bonus Materials

Exclusive access to in-depth PDFs and resources created to give you an edge in After Effects and Church Animation.

After Effects Launch

Our courses are designed to give our students all of the skills they need to conquer animation and design for their churches. Get more than just a course from AE Launch, we equip you with templates, real-world projects, expert instruction and lifetime access to lessons.

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What our students have to say…

I benefitted from the entire course! I’ve tried to learn After Effects alone and was able to do a few things, but now I’m leaps ahead of where I used to be before taking this course. I was able to create projects for my church as soon as I completed the first week’s lesson! 

Kersee Meyer

After Effects Launch

The AE Launch Course is a must have for anyone wanting to get into animation or any type of motion design. You will finish with a comprehensive knowledge of all things AE from simple text animation to advanced 3d and particle effects.

Mackenly Jones

After Effects Launch

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