Advanced illustrator

Learn how to develop PRO design projects in Illustrator

from concept to completion – in just 4 weeks!

From Illustration To Final Approval

Why This Course: In just 4 weeks, learn ways to master essential Illustrator skills and then put them into practice with 3 key areas of professional creative design:

+ Branding

+ Apparel

+ Social Media

By the end, you will have the tools you need to develop PRO-LEVEL designs from concept to final product with some handy tips & tricks along the way.

What will you learn in

Advanced Illustrator?

Advanced Pen Tool Skills

Learn how to use the pen tool by itself & important adjustments so you can design like a pro!

Shapes & Shading

Learn how to develop advanced shapes to save you time illustrating and how to shade in a design.

Developing Apparel Design

Set-up dartboards, mockups, and how to output for production.

Mood Boarding

Set up a professional style board for clients and develop a design to it’s full potential.

Create A Logo

Develop your own brand and create a logo using what you have learned.

Social Media Design

Learn how to set-up a project for creating multiple social media designs in one document.

Meet Your


Ashley Ulmer

Meet Ashley
Meet Ashley

Illustrator Instructor

Hi! My name is Ashley Ulmer, I am a freelance Graphic Designer from Albuquerque, NM. I am a firm believer in Grace and second chances, a mother to 3 wild boys, and am journeying this thing we call life with my husband and best friend Shawn. I have had a passion for design and have been in the industry since 2007. I absolutely love to work with small businesses and ministries to create beautiful things to communicate their message and/ or cause.

To see more of Ashley’s work, visit

How This Course Works

Online Video Instruction

Our class will have structured, weekly video instruction taking you through each step of the process of learning design.

On-Demand Learning

Learn at your own pace based on your schedule. With on-demand learning you get access to all your course videos + materials with the ultimate amount of flexibility.

Course Materials + Homework

Get exclusive access to resources and tools created to help you conquer design with confidence, so you can test out your skills + stay creative.

Mentorships & Homework Feedback

About Mentorships: By signing up for mentorships you will get a 1-on-1 coach who is an expert in areas such as design, production, leadership, creative direction & more. Our coaches meet with students via a video chat to discuss or teach, give feedback and help our students grow as creatives.

Homework Feedback: In order to get homework feedback on each of your sessions you will need to sign-up for a course coach. Our instructors will give you online feedback, meet you online for Google Meet sessions, and can help you take a deep dive into any parts of Illustrator you want more help or instruction on.

Advanced Illustrator

Our courses are designed to give our students all of the skills they need to conquer the fundamentals of design for professional results. Get more than just a course from Intro To Illustrator, we equip you with top-notch instruction, creative design tools and lifetime access to lessons.

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