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Pro Church Media University

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Learn to design, animate and create media for your church.

At Pro Church Media University, we are creating tutorials, guided courses + in-person workshops to empower our students to hone their skills, grow their abilities, and gain the knowledge they need to bring excellent, customized media to their church. We know every church is different, which is why we have created 3 paths to learning: free church media tutorials, 1-day workshops and top-notch church media courses.

What is Church Media?

Church media consists of creative elements that help a church to communicate clearly and effectively. Church Media can include things like: promotional material, church videos, sermon series design, bulletins, social media, environment/stage design and much more. Our goal is to prepare our community to handle the challenges of church media creation and empower them with essential design skills to create what they need, when they need it.

Need inspiration? Check out Pro Church Media for ideas.

A different approach to learning

At Pro Church Media, we are trying to reinvent the way churches learn and get resources. Our courses help students start creating church media right away as they also learn essential skills to keep creating in the future. So, whether you’re looking for some professional development to improve your skills or looking to take the first steps on your church media + design journey, we can help you reach your goals.

Learning For Everyone

Never opened a design program? That’s OK! Whether you are a pastor, ministry leader, media producer or volunteer – we create something for everyone to learn and hone their skills.

Best-In-Class Content

Our team spends time planning, producing and refining the best church media tutorials, courses and workshops you can find. We’ve spent over a year beta testing tutorials to ensure we provide our community + students with excellence.

1-Day Workshops

At our 1-day workshops, participants will meet with industry experts who will discuss current creative media usage in the church. Plus, get the opportunity for 1-on-1 feedback about using media within your own unique worship space.

A Vibrant Community

Our community has been growing over the last 2 years to include churches all over the world. We celebrate creativity in the church as well as help each other out with Q+A, group discussion, job opportunities and collaboration.


Start exploring our tutorial library and check out our upcoming workshops. Want to dig deeper? Check out our Courses designed to take your skills to the next level in animation, design, social media and more. We are expanding our learning content all the time, so be sure to check back for more.

Collaborate with others

Our community supports creativity + the global church

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