Looking for a way to add more content to your Instagram feed?

We all know the importance of posting consistently on a schedule so that your community will stay engaged. This is a key way to establish an ongoing and reliable relationship with your followers andgives your church a chance to communicate your values, events and culture regularly. But, how do you post SO MUCH?

We know that posting 2x per day can sound like a lot. So, we wanted to help our community out with some free wallpapers that can be used to BREAK YOUR FEED! What does it mean to break your feed? Roughly 20% of the time, we recommend posting a graphic or post that is for the purpose of grabbing your audience’s attention and being a little different than your regular posts. This is to make sure that your followers stay engaged (which is important for the Instagram algorithm to continually make sure your content is seen). So, check out the wallpapers, download them and use them in a pinch!


Download All 7 Wallpapers Now…

Want to create better content for social media?

Check out the Social Media Design Mini Course!

We created a design course hyper-focused on developing great-looking social media content right from your phone. We emphasize how to create content FAST to save you time while you are on-the-go while keeping your media creative and high-quality. Be sure to check it out!


Take Your Skills To The Next Level!

At Pro Church Media Univeristy we teach essential skills for churches and creatives to develop strong communication and outreach for their church through design, animation and effective communication. We are coming out with new courses all the time, so be sure to take a look and find ways to keep pushing you and your creative team’s skills to the next level!