Comic Sans Challenge

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The Ultimate Font Challenge is here!

Our community isn’t afraid of a tough challenge AND neither are we! This week we are getting creative and testing our skills with one of our hardest challenges yet! Using just comic sans, we want you to come up with a nice-looking, pro design! We have faith that our community can overcome the challenges of using an often-ridiculed typeface and make something awesome. So, bring us all you’ve got!

Comic Sans Challenge Rules:

1) Design MUST use comic sans as the main font choice.

2) You need to try and avoid cliche/cheesy design (as related to the font choice in the challenge, in this case, meme-style)

3) In order to participate, be sure to TAG #PCMchallenge in your public posts.

Good luck, everyone! We can’t wait to see what you design!


What is the #PCMChallenge?


The #PCMChallenge is a weekly creative exercise designed to challenge the Pro Church Media Community to stay creative. We believe that what makes a great designer is practice, practice, PRACTICE! By joining the #PCMChallenge, you are joining dozens of other creatives who are committed to honing their craft in a safe space where there are no deadlines, decision makers or critiques. You can get as creative with the challenge as you want!

We want to encourage you, our community, to try new styles, test new programs or apps (you don’t have to use Photoshop!) and stretch your creative muscles 💪💪💪– so do something new!

How to participate:

Create ANY design based on the theme and submit it to Pro Church Media either in our Facebook Group and/or on social media.

Ready to go to the next level?


At Pro Church Media University we teach essential skills for churches and creatives to develop strong communication and outreach for their church through design, animation and effective communication. We are coming out with new courses all the time, so be sure to take a look and find ways to keep pushing you and your creative team’s skills to the next level!