How Pro Church Media started + grew a community on Instagram.

Pro Church Media started on Instagram in 2016 with a single post, 3 followers and a BIG vision to share creative ideas and support the church in new and innovative ways. Every single post we have shared or created since day one has been done ON PURPOSE and to SERVE our community. We stay people-focused instead of stats-focused and genuinely want to see our community succeed.

Just last month, our community grew to over 50,000 followers and represents 45 countries worldwide – just on Instagram. We’ve learned what it means to have online community as a productive and essential part of who we are and today we want to share some of the tips we’ve learned along the way as we have continued to serve the global church community largely through social media.


We could talk ALL day about social media, but we want to focus on 3 areas that really CAN make a difference in running an Instagram account as a creative or church…

#1 Post every single day, no matter what.



The Instagram algorithm works by recognizing how well an account is consistently engaging with their audience.

So, the more you post and engage, the more the algorithm will favor your account. It really can be that simple!

We know this can be tough for a busy schedule. But, consistency really does matter when it comes to social media. Not only does it mean something to algorithms, but it also means a lot to your community. When you post consistently, people know that they can rely on you to give them information that they need, when they need it. They also can count on you to support them with your content throughout the entire week – which can help you serve your community in new ways. Pretty powerful!

Strategy Tip

Start slow. You don’t have to block out half a day to create content and post constantly. Learn how to create a manageable workflow and scale from there. Start with one post every morning, then try to get an ideal posting schedule of at least once every morning and evening.

#2 Use the 80/20 rule for your content.



80% of your content should be about telling the story of who you are as a creative or church. Share important messaging, values or regular content that matters to you and your community. 

The other 20% of the time, create posts that break the norm of your regular content so that your audience doesn’t start to tune out. Always create in a way that leaves everyone wanting more, not less of what you share!

Strategy Tip

To know how to break your feed, you have to first be consistent and be conscientious about how your regular content looks and is presented. If you don’t already, develop a brand guide that can apply to your regular content such as standardizing photo filters and designs. When you are ready to create posts that break the norm, focus on eye-catching posts that get people to stop and take notice. 

#3 Don’t stress out over analytics.



Analytics can be sort of the false gods of social media – they can only tell you about where you have been NOT where you are going. While they should never be completely ignored one BIG mistake we see a lot of people make is to try and replicate viral-style posts at the cost of their brand / community / message. As churches and creatives, this can be deadly to who you are.

Sometimes the most important messages and posts won’t get as many likes and comments as you may have hoped. BUT – they say something valuable about who you are and what you care about – AND that really matters a lot more than a little extra engagement or reach one day.

Strategy Tip

Don’t let the numbers take you away from creating and sharing content that makes a big difference even to just one person. As a church or creative, your message and support for your community should always be the #1 priority.

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